third Definition

  • 1constituting number three in a sequence; occupying the position that follows the second element
  • 2one of three equal parts of something

Using third: Examples

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    He finished third in the race.

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    The third chapter of the book is about his childhood.

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    She divided the cake into thirds.

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    I'll take a third of the pizza.

third Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with third

  • third time's a charm

    after two failed attempts, the third try is more likely to be successful


    I hope I pass my driving test this time. You know what they say, third time's a charm.

  • a person who is present at a social event or outing but is not participating in a couple's romantic relationship


    I felt like a third wheel on their date, so I left early.

  • a prolonged and intense questioning or interrogation, often used to extract information from someone


    The police gave him the third degree until he finally confessed.

Origins of third

from Old English 'thridda', related to German 'dritte'


Summary: third in Brief

The term 'third' [θɜːd] refers to the number three in a sequence, as in 'The third chapter of the book is about his childhood.' It also denotes one of three equal parts of something, as in 'She divided the cake into thirds.' Phrases like 'third time's a charm' suggest that success is more likely on the third attempt, while 'third wheel' describes someone who is not participating in a couple's romantic relationship.