thriller Definition

a book, film, or play that has an exciting story, often about solving a crime.

Using thriller: Examples

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    The movie was a thriller from start to finish.

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    She loves reading thrillers and mysteries.

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    The author's latest thriller is a real page-turner.

thriller Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for thriller

Phrases with thriller

  • a thriller in which the plot revolves around political intrigue


    The movie is a political thriller set in Washington D.C.

  • a thriller that focuses on the mental and emotional states of its characters


    The novel is a psychological thriller that explores the mind of a serial killer.

  • a thriller that emphasizes physical action and stunts


    The movie is an action thriller with lots of car chases and explosions.


Summary: thriller in Brief

A 'thriller' [ˈθrɪlər] is a book, film, or play that tells an exciting story, often involving solving a crime. It can be a political thriller, focusing on political intrigue, a psychological thriller, exploring the mental and emotional states of its characters, or an action thriller, emphasizing physical action and stunts. Examples include 'The movie was a thriller from start to finish,' and 'She loves reading thrillers and mysteries.'

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