tiger Definition

  • 1a large carnivorous feline mammal of Asia, having a tawny coat with transverse black stripes.
  • 2a dynamic, forceful, or ambitious person.

Using tiger: Examples

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    The tiger is the largest cat species in the world.

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    He's a real tiger when it comes to business deals.

tiger Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for tiger

Phrases with tiger

  • a person or thing that appears threatening but is ineffectual


    The new boss talked tough, but turned out to be a paper tiger.

  • a mother who is overly strict and demanding with her children, especially in regards to education


    She's a real tiger mom, pushing her kids to excel in every subject.

  • to have started something difficult or dangerous that will be hard to stop


    After investing so much time and money into the project, they realized they had a tiger by the tail and couldn't back out now.


Summary: tiger in Brief

A 'tiger' [ˈtaɪɡər] is a large carnivorous feline mammal native to Asia, known for its distinctive tawny coat with black stripes. The term can also refer to a dynamic, forceful, or ambitious person, as in 'He's a real tiger when it comes to business deals.' Phrases like 'paper tiger' and 'tiger mom' extend the metaphorical use of the term.

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