tobacco Definition

a preparation of the nicotine-rich leaves of an American plant, which are cured by a process of drying and fermentation for smoking or chewing.

Using tobacco: Examples

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    He smokes a pack of tobacco cigarettes every day.

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    She quit using tobacco products after developing health problems.

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    The use of tobacco is prohibited in this area.

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    Tobacco farming is a major industry in some countries.

tobacco Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for tobacco

  • smoking
  • cigarettes
  • snuff
  • chewing tobacco
  • cigars

Phrases with tobacco

  • tobacco-free

    not containing or using tobacco


    This restaurant is completely tobacco-free.

  • the businesses involved in growing, processing, and selling tobacco products


    The tobacco industry has been criticized for marketing to young people.

  • the efforts to reduce the use of tobacco products and prevent related health problems


    The government has implemented several tobacco control policies in recent years.

Origins of tobacco

from Spanish 'tabaco', derived from a Taíno word meaning 'roll of tobacco leaves'


Summary: tobacco in Brief

The term 'tobacco' [təˈbækəʊ] refers to a preparation of nicotine-rich leaves from an American plant that are cured by drying and fermentation for smoking or chewing. It includes products like cigarettes, cigars, and snuff. 'Tobacco' is often associated with health problems and is subject to tobacco control policies. Phrases like 'tobacco-free' and 'tobacco industry' are used to describe contexts without or with involvement in tobacco products.

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