tonight Definition

  • 1the present or coming night
  • 2during the night of the present day

Using tonight: Examples

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  • Example

    I'm going to the movies tonight.

  • Example

    We have a meeting tonight at 7 pm.

  • Example

    Tonight, I will cook dinner for my family.

tonight Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for tonight

  • this evening
  • this night
  • tonight time

Phrases with tonight

  • tonight's the night

    used to emphasize that a long-awaited or exciting event is finally happening


    After months of preparation, tonight's the night of the big concert.

  • used to refuse an invitation or suggestion to do something on the current evening


    A: Do you want to go out for drinks tonight? B: Sorry, not tonight. I have to work early tomorrow.

  • used to describe something that happens every night, especially if it is undesirable


    The neighbors' dog barks loudly tonight and every night, keeping us awake.


Summary: tonight in Brief

The term 'tonight' [təˈnaɪt] refers to the present or coming night, or during the night of the present day. It is often used to indicate plans or events happening in the evening, as in 'I'm going to the movies tonight.' 'Tonight' can also be used in phrases like 'tonight's the night,' emphasizing a long-awaited event, or 'not tonight,' refusing an invitation or suggestion for the current evening.

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