torpid Definition

  • 1mentally or physically inactive; lethargic
  • 2slow and lacking energy or vigor

Using torpid: Examples

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  • Example

    After eating a large meal, I feel torpid and sleepy.

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    The hot weather made everyone feel torpid and listless.

  • Example

    The company's torpid sales figures were cause for concern.

  • Example

    The economy has been in a torpid state for months.

torpid Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with torpid

  • a body of water that is stagnant, motionless, or without current


    The lake was torpid and still, with no breeze to stir the water.

  • a snake that is sluggish or inactive due to cold temperatures or other environmental factors


    The torpid snake lay motionless in the sun, waiting for its body to warm up.

  • a condition of inactivity or sluggishness


    The economy has been in a torpid state for months, with little growth or improvement.

Origins of torpid

from Latin 'torpidus', meaning 'numb, sluggish'


Summary: torpid in Brief

'Torpid' [ˈtɔːpɪd] describes a state of mental or physical inactivity, characterized by sluggishness and lack of energy. It can refer to people, animals, or even economic conditions, as in 'The economy has been in a torpid state for months.' 'Torpid' is often used to describe stagnant or motionless bodies of water, as in 'torpid waters,' or snakes that are sluggish due to cold temperatures, as in 'torpid snake.'