totally Definition

  • 1completely and in every way
  • 2to a great degree

Using totally: Examples

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    I totally forgot about our meeting.

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    She was totally surprised by the news.

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    The movie was totally awesome!

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    He's totally into sports.

totally Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with totally

  • to completely concur with someone or something


    I totally agree with you that we should go on vacation together.

  • completely dissimilar or distinct from something else


    The new design is totally different from the old one.

  • completely deserving of the effort, cost, or sacrifice involved


    The long hike was tough, but the view at the top was totally worth it.


Summary: totally in Brief

The adverb 'totally' [ˈtoʊt̬əli] means completely and in every way, or to a great degree. It is used to emphasize a point or to express agreement, as in 'I totally forgot about our meeting.' 'Totally' can be used in phrases like 'totally agree,' meaning to completely concur, and 'totally worth it,' meaning completely deserving of the effort.

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