transcribe Definition

  • 1to make a written or printed copy of something, especially a document or speech
  • 2to represent speech sounds by written symbols

Using transcribe: Examples

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  • Example

    I need to transcribe this interview for my research.

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    The secretary transcribed the meeting minutes.

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    Can you transcribe this audio recording into text?

transcribe Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for transcribe

Phrases with transcribe

  • to write down a piece of music from an audio recording or performance


    He spent hours transcribing his favorite song for piano.

  • to convert the genetic information in DNA into RNA


    Scientists use special enzymes to transcribe DNA into RNA for further study.

  • to convert written text into Braille for visually impaired individuals


    The volunteer organization transcribes books into Braille for blind readers.

Origins of transcribe

from Latin 'transcribere', meaning 'to copy out'


Summary: transcribe in Brief

To 'transcribe' [trænˈskraɪb] means to create a written or printed copy of something, such as a document or speech, or to represent speech sounds with written symbols. Examples include transcribing an interview for research or converting music into sheet music. 'Transcribe' can also refer to converting genetic information into RNA or written text into Braille for visually impaired individuals.