traveller Definition

  • 1a person who is traveling or who often travels
  • 2a person who moves from place to place, especially in search of work

Using traveller: Examples

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    The train was full of tired travellers.

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    He is a frequent traveller to Europe.

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    The gypsy travellers set up camp on the outskirts of town.

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    The company hired a group of travellers to pick fruit.

traveller Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for traveller

Idioms Using traveller

  • a traveller's check

    a check that can be used like cash when traveling in a foreign country


    She always carries traveller's checks when she travels abroad.

  • a poetic reference to the journey to a far-off and exotic destination


    He dreamed of traveling the road to Mandalay and experiencing all the wonders of the East.

  • to pack only essential items and travel with minimal luggage


    When backpacking through Europe, it's important to travel light and avoid carrying too much weight.

Phrases with traveller

  • business traveller

    a person who travels for work or business purposes


    The hotel caters to business travellers with meeting rooms and conference facilities.

  • an experienced and knowledgeable traveler


    As a seasoned traveller, she knew how to navigate the airport and find the best deals on flights.

  • a person who prefers to travel slowly and take time to explore each destination in depth


    As a slow traveller, he spent several weeks in each city, getting to know the local culture and people.


Summary: traveller in Brief

A 'traveller' [หˆtrรฆvษ™lษ™r] is someone who travels frequently or moves from place to place, often in search of work. It encompasses various types of travelers, such as tourists, business travelers, and slow travelers. Phrases like 'business traveller' and idioms like 'travel light' are common. 'Traveller' has synonyms like 'journeyer' and 'nomad,' while antonyms include 'resident' and 'local.'

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