trio Definition

  • 1a group of three people or things
  • 2a piece of music written for three performers

Using trio: Examples

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    The band consists of a trio of musicians.

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    We ordered a trio of desserts to share.

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    Beethoven's 'Ghost' Trio is one of his most famous chamber works.

trio Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for trio

Phrases with trio

  • a rock band consisting of three members, typically with a guitarist, bassist, and drummer


    The Jimi Hendrix Experience was a power trio that revolutionized rock music.

  • a musical composition for three solo instruments, typically two melody instruments and a basso continuo


    Corelli's Trio Sonata in D Major is a popular Baroque piece.

  • a short poem or stanza of eight lines, with the first line repeated at the fourth and seventh lines, and the second line repeated at the eighth


    Dylan Thomas's 'Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night' is a famous triolet.

Origins of trio

from Italian 'trio', from Latin 'tres' meaning 'three'


Summary: trio in Brief

A 'trio' [ˈtriːəʊ] refers to a group of three people or things, such as a band or set of desserts. It can also denote a piece of music written for three performers, like Beethoven's 'Ghost' Trio. The term extends to phrases like 'power trio,' describing a rock band with three members, and 'triolet,' a type of short poem.