trolley Definition

  • 1a large container with wheels that you push and use for carrying things in a supermarket or at an airport
  • 2a small vehicle with either two or four wheels that you push or pull to transport goods or passengers
  • 3a streetcar

Using trolley: Examples

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  • Example

    I need to grab a trolley to carry all these groceries.

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    The airport trolley was loaded with luggage.

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    The waiter pushed the dessert trolley to our table.

  • Example

    The museum offers guided tours on a trolley.

trolley Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for trolley

Phrases with trolley

  • a cart used in supermarkets to carry groceries


    She filled up her shopping trolley with food for the week.

  • drinks trolley

    a cart used to serve drinks, especially on airplanes


    The flight attendant brought the drinks trolley down the aisle.

  • a streetcar that runs on tracks


    The tram trolley took us through the city center.

Origins of trolley

from the Middle English 'trollen', meaning 'to roll'


Summary: trolley in Brief

A 'trolley' [ˈtrɒli] is a container with wheels used for carrying things, such as groceries or luggage. It can also refer to a small vehicle used to transport goods or passengers, or a streetcar. Examples include 'I need to grab a trolley to carry all these groceries' and 'The museum offers guided tours on a trolley.' Phrases like 'shopping trolley' and 'drinks trolley' are common, while idioms are not applicable.