typhoon Definition

a tropical storm in the region of the Indian or western Pacific oceans..

Using typhoon: Examples

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    The typhoon caused widespread damage to the city.

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    The government issued a warning for the incoming typhoon.

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    The typhoon season usually starts in June and ends in November.

typhoon Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for typhoon

Phrases with typhoon

  • a typhoon with maximum sustained winds of at least 240 km/h (150 mph)


    The super typhoon devastated the coastal areas.

  • a system of signals used to indicate the approach of a typhoon and its intensity


    The typhoon signal was raised to level 8, indicating that the typhoon was approaching.

  • a region in the Pacific Ocean where typhoons are most likely to occur


    The Philippines is located in the typhoon belt.


Summary: typhoon in Brief

A 'typhoon' [taɪˈfuːn] is a tropical storm that occurs in the Indian or western Pacific oceans. It is characterized by strong winds and heavy rain, and can cause widespread damage. The term encompasses phrases like 'super typhoon,' which denotes a particularly intense typhoon, and 'typhoon signal,' which refers to a system of signals used to indicate the approach of a typhoon.