unattainable Definition

  • 1impossible to achieve or reach
  • 2unable to be obtained

Using unattainable: Examples

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    For many people, the idea of world peace seems unattainable.

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    The perfect life is an unattainable goal.

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    The company's profit target was unattainable given the current market conditions.

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Summary: unattainable in Brief

The term 'unattainable' [ˌʌnəˈteɪnəbl] refers to something that is impossible to achieve or reach. It is often used to describe goals or targets that are unrealistic or out of reach, such as 'The perfect life is an unattainable goal.' 'Unattainable' is an adjective and has synonyms like 'impossible' and 'unachievable.' Its antonyms include 'attainable' and 'achievable.'