obtainable Definition

able to be obtained; available.

Using obtainable: Examples

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    The information is obtainable from the internet.

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    The goal is difficult but obtainable with hard work.

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    The product is no longer obtainable in stores.

obtainable Synonyms and Antonyms

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Summary: obtainable in Brief

The term 'obtainable' [əbˈteɪnəbl] refers to something that can be obtained or acquired, and is available or accessible. It is often used to describe goals or information that can be obtained with effort, as in 'The goal is difficult but obtainable with hard work.' 'Obtainable' has synonyms like 'attainable' and antonyms like 'unattainable,' and is sometimes used informally as 'gettable' or 'reachable.'