accessible Definition

able to be reached or entered; able to be understood or appreciated.

Using accessible: Examples

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    The building is fully accessible for wheelchair users.

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    The information is presented in an accessible way for all readers.

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    The author's writing style is very accessible, making it easy for anyone to understand.

accessible Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with accessible

  • design that is created to be usable by people with a wide range of abilities and disabilities


    The new website was designed with accessibility in mind, ensuring that it could be used by everyone.

  • tourism that is designed to be accessible to people with disabilities


    The hotel offers accessible tourism options, including wheelchair-accessible rooms and tours.

  • parking spaces that are reserved for people with disabilities, typically located close to the entrance of a building


    The accessible parking spots were all taken, so we had to park further away.

Origins of accessible

from Latin 'accessibilis', from 'accessus' meaning 'approach'


Summary: accessible in Brief

The term 'accessible' [əkˈsɛsəbl] refers to something that can be reached, entered, understood, or appreciated. It can describe physical spaces, like buildings or parking spots, or abstract concepts, like information or writing styles. Phrases like 'accessible design' and 'accessible tourism' denote efforts to make things more inclusive for people with disabilities. 'Accessible' has synonyms like 'reachable' and 'approachable,' and informal alternatives like 'gettable' and 'user-friendly.'

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