unavoidable Definition

impossible to avoid or prevent.

Using unavoidable: Examples

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    The accident was unavoidable due to the icy road conditions.

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    The company had to make unavoidable cuts to its budget.

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    The breakup of their marriage was an unavoidable outcome of their constant fighting.

unavoidable Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for unavoidable

Phrases with unavoidable

  • a fact that cannot be denied or ignored


    The unavoidable truth is that we are running out of time to address climate change.

  • a result that cannot be avoided or prevented


    The unavoidable consequence of not studying for the exam was failing it.

  • a delay that cannot be avoided or prevented


    The flight was delayed due to an unavoidable delay in the maintenance process.


Summary: unavoidable in Brief

The term 'unavoidable' [ˌʌnəˈvɔɪdəbl] describes something that cannot be avoided or prevented. It is often used to describe situations like accidents, budget cuts, and breakups that are inevitable. Phrases like 'unavoidable truth' and 'unavoidable consequence' denote facts and results that cannot be ignored or prevented. The term has formal synonyms like 'inevitable' and 'inescapable,' and informal ones like 'bound to happen' and 'no way around it.'

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