unbridgeable Definition

  • 1impossible to bridge or cross over
  • 2unable to be reconciled or resolved

Using unbridgeable: Examples

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  • Example

    The gap between the two cultures was unbridgeable.

  • Example

    Their differences were so great that they found themselves in an unbridgeable conflict.

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    The ideological divide between the two parties seems unbridgeable.

unbridgeable Synonyms and Antonyms


Summary: unbridgeable in Brief

'Unbridgeable' [uhn-brij-uh-buhl] is an adjective that describes something that cannot be crossed or reconciled. It is often used to describe a divide or conflict that is too great to overcome, as in 'The gap between the two cultures was unbridgeable.' Synonyms include 'insurmountable' and 'inaccessible,' while antonyms include 'bridgeable' and 'reconcilable.'