impassable Definition

  • 1not able to be traveled or crossed
  • 2unable to be overcome or surmounted

Using impassable: Examples

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  • Example

    The road was impassable due to heavy snowfall.

  • Example

    The river was impassable after the storm.

  • Example

    The language barrier made communication impassable.

  • Example

    The obstacles in his path seemed impassable.

impassable Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with impassable

  • an obstacle that cannot be overcome or surmounted


    The language barrier proved to be an impassable barrier for the two teams trying to communicate.

  • land that is difficult or impossible to travel through


    The hikers had to turn back when they encountered impassable terrain.

  • a road that is blocked or closed off, making it impossible to travel on


    The storm left many roads impassable, causing traffic jams and delays.


Summary: impassable in Brief

The term 'impassable' [ɪmˈpæsəbl] refers to something that cannot be traveled or crossed, such as a road or terrain, or something that cannot be overcome or surmounted, such as an obstacle. It can also refer to communication barriers, as in 'The language barrier made communication impassable.' Synonyms include 'inaccessible' and 'unpassable,' while antonyms include 'passable' and 'navigable.'