passable Definition

  • 1good enough, but not excellent
  • 2able to be passed or crossed, especially because of being wide enough or deep enough

Using passable: Examples

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  • Example

    The food was passable, but nothing special.

  • Example

    The bridge is only just passable for heavy vehicles.

  • Example

    His performance was passable, but he could have done better.

passable Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with passable

  • only just good enough to pass or be accepted


    Her work was barely passable, and she knew she needed to improve.

  • a level of quality that is good enough to be acceptable


    The company's products meet a passable standard, but they are not exceptional.

  • passable condition

    in a state that is good enough to be used or acceptable


    The car was in passable condition, but it needed some repairs.

Origins of passable

from Old French 'passer', meaning 'to pass'


Summary: passable in Brief

The term 'passable' [ˈpæsəbl] refers to something that is good enough, but not excellent. It can also describe something that is able to be passed or crossed. Examples include 'The food was passable, but nothing special.' and 'The bridge is only just passable for heavy vehicles.' Phrases like 'barely passable' and 'passable standard' denote levels of acceptability, while 'passable condition' describes something that is usable but not perfect.