unconditional Definition

  • 1not subject to any conditions
  • 2absolute
  • 3complete

Using unconditional: Examples

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    She gave her unconditional support to the project.

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    The company offered him an unconditional job offer.

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    Their love for each other was unconditional.

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    The government promised to provide unconditional aid to the disaster victims.

unconditional Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with unconditional

  • affection without any limitations or qualifications


    A mother's love for her child is often described as unconditional.

  • a surrender without any conditions or demands


    The enemy forces were forced to accept an unconditional surrender.

  • an attitude of total acceptance and support towards another person, regardless of their behavior or actions


    Therapists often strive to provide their clients with unconditional positive regard.


Summary: unconditional in Brief

The term 'unconditional' [ˌənkənˈdɪʃənl] refers to something that is not subject to any conditions, absolute, or complete. It can be used to describe support, love, or aid that is given without any limitations or qualifications. For example, 'She gave her unconditional support to the project.' 'Unconditional' extends into phrases like 'unconditional love,' and 'unconditional surrender,' denoting a complete lack of conditions or demands.

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