uncover Definition

  • 1to remove a cover or covering from something
  • 2to reveal or discover something that was hidden or secret

Using uncover: Examples

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  • Example

    The archaeologists uncovered an ancient city.

  • Example

    The investigation uncovered evidence of corruption.

  • Example

    She uncovered the pot to check on the soup.

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    The reporter uncovered the truth about the scandal.

uncover Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for uncover

Phrases with uncover

  • to reveal a secret plan or scheme


    The spy agency uncovered a plot to assassinate the president.

  • uncover one's eyes

    to remove one's hands or an object from in front of one's eyes, allowing one to see


    He slowly uncovered his eyes and looked around the room.

  • to solve or reveal the solution to a mysterious or puzzling situation


    The detective finally uncovered the mystery behind the missing jewels.


Summary: uncover in Brief

The verb 'uncover' [ʌnˈkʌvə(r)] means to remove a cover or reveal something that was hidden or secret. It can be used literally, as in 'She uncovered the pot to check on the soup,' or figuratively, as in 'The investigation uncovered evidence of corruption.' 'Uncover' is often used in phrases like 'uncover a plot' or 'uncover a mystery,' and has formal synonyms like 'reveal' and 'discover.'

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