underpass Definition

a road or pedestrian tunnel that passes beneath a road or railway.

Using underpass: Examples

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    The underpass connects the two sides of the city.

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    The underpass is closed for maintenance.

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    The new underpass will ease traffic congestion in the area.

underpass Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for underpass

Phrases with underpass

  • an underpass designed for pedestrians to cross safely under a busy road or highway


    The city council has approved the construction of a new pedestrian underpass.

  • an underpass designed for trains to pass under a road or highway


    The railway underpass was built to reduce traffic congestion on the main road.

  • an underpass designed for vehicles to pass under a road or highway


    The vehicle underpass was closed due to flooding caused by heavy rain.


Summary: underpass in Brief

An 'underpass' [ˈʌndərpæs] is a tunnel or passage that goes under a road or railway. It is used to connect different parts of a city or to ease traffic congestion. Examples include 'pedestrian underpass,' 'railway underpass,' and 'vehicle underpass.'