unenthusiastic Definition

not feeling or showing excitement or enthusiasm.

Using unenthusiastic: Examples

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    The audience was unenthusiastic about the performance.

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    She gave an unenthusiastic response to the proposal.

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    He was unenthusiastic about the idea of going to the party.

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    The team's unenthusiastic attitude cost them the game.

unenthusiastic Synonyms and Antonyms

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Summary: unenthusiastic in Brief

The term 'unenthusiastic' [ˌʌnɪnˌθjuːzɪˈæstɪk] refers to a lack of excitement or enthusiasm. It is often used to describe people's attitudes towards something, as in 'The audience was unenthusiastic about the performance.' 'Unenthusiastic' is the opposite of 'enthusiastic,' and its synonyms include 'indifferent,' 'apathetic,' and 'uninterested.'