unfeasible Definition

  • 1not possible to do easily or conveniently
  • 2not practical or workable

Using unfeasible: Examples

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  • Example

    The plan was unfeasible due to budget constraints.

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    It is unfeasible to complete the project within a week.

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    The idea of traveling to Mars by car is unfeasible.

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    The proposal was rejected as it was deemed unfeasible.

unfeasible Synonyms and Antonyms


Summary: unfeasible in Brief

The term 'unfeasible' [ʌnˈfiːzəbəl] refers to something that is not possible to do easily or conveniently, or not practical or workable. It is often used to describe plans, ideas, or proposals that are unrealistic or unachievable, such as 'The plan was unfeasible due to budget constraints.' 'Unfeasible' has synonyms like 'impractical' and 'unworkable,' and antonyms like 'feasible' and 'realistic.'