unfortunate Definition

  • 1having or marked by bad fortune; unlucky
  • 2deserving or inciting pity; pitiable

Using unfortunate: Examples

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    It was an unfortunate accident that could have been avoided.

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    She had the unfortunate experience of losing her job during the pandemic.

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    The team's performance was unfortunate and disappointing.

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    It's unfortunate that we won't be able to attend the wedding.

unfortunate Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with unfortunate

  • an event that is unpleasant, unexpected, and often unlucky


    The unfortunate incident resulted in the loss of several lives.

  • unfortunate circumstances

    a situation that is difficult or unpleasant, often beyond one's control


    Due to unfortunate circumstances, we had to cancel our vacation plans.

  • an unfortunate turn of events

    a sudden change in a situation that is negative or unfavorable


    The project was going well until an unfortunate turn of events caused delays.


Summary: unfortunate in Brief

The term 'unfortunate' [ʌnˈfɔːtʃənət] refers to someone or something that is unlucky or deserving of pity. It can describe events like accidents or circumstances beyond one's control, as in 'an unfortunate incident' or 'unfortunate circumstances.' The adjective also has synonyms like 'ill-fated' and 'jinxed,' and antonyms like 'fortunate' and 'blessed.'

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