unholy Definition

  • 1morally or spiritually impure or wicked
  • 2not deserving reverence or respect

Using unholy: Examples

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    The unholy alliance between the two gangs led to a spike in crime.

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    The politician's unholy behavior was exposed by the media.

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    The book was banned for its unholy content.

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    The unholy stench of decay filled the air.

unholy Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with unholy

  • a marriage between two people who are considered unsuitable or inappropriate for each other


    Their union was seen as an unholy matrimony by their families.

  • a situation that is chaotic, disorganized, or difficult to manage


    The company's finances were an unholy mess, with debts piling up and no clear plan for recovery.

  • a group of three people or things that are considered evil, dangerous, or undesirable


    The unholy trinity of poverty, crime, and drugs was a major problem in the city.

Origins of unholy

from Old English 'unhalig', meaning 'wicked, impious'


Summary: unholy in Brief

The term 'unholy' [ʌnˈhoʊli] refers to something morally or spiritually impure or wicked, lacking reverence or respect. It can describe people, behaviors, or objects, such as 'The book was banned for its unholy content.' 'Unholy' extends into phrases like 'unholy mess,' denoting a chaotic situation, and 'unholy trinity,' describing a group of three undesirable things.