unifying Definition

bringing people or things together, especially in a peaceful way.

Using unifying: Examples

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    The unifying power of music brought people from different cultures together.

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    The team's goal was to create a unifying message for their campaign.

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    The president's speech aimed to be unifying and inclusive.

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    The project had the unifying effect of bringing together people from different departments.

unifying Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for unifying

Phrases with unifying

  • a scientific theory that explains multiple phenomena under a single framework


    The search for a unifying theory of physics has been a long-standing goal of scientists.

  • unifying force

    a factor or idea that brings together people or groups with different beliefs or backgrounds


    The shared love for their country was the unifying force that brought the citizens together.

  • a fundamental idea or concept that connects different fields of study or disciplines


    The unifying principle of biology is the theory of evolution.


Summary: unifying in Brief

The term 'unifying' [ˈjuːnɪfaɪɪŋ] refers to the act of bringing people or things together, often in a peaceful manner. It can describe the power of music or a message to unite people, as well as the effect of a project or goal to bring together individuals from different backgrounds. 'Unifying' extends into phrases like 'unifying theory,' which explains multiple phenomena under a single framework, and 'unifying principle,' which connects different fields of study.