unkindness Definition

  • 1lack of sympathy or kindness; harshness
  • 2an unkind act or remark

Using unkindness: Examples

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  • Example

    Her unkindness towards her colleagues made her very unpopular.

  • Example

    I was hurt by his unkindness.

  • Example

    It is an unkindness to criticize someone's appearance.

unkindness Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for unkindness

Antonyms for unkindness

Phrases with unkindness

  • a behavior that is not kind or considerate


    It was an act of unkindness to leave the old man alone in the park.

  • cruelty or mistreatment towards animals


    The law punishes unkindness to animals.

  • an unfortunate event that causes suffering or hardship


    The unkindness of fate left him penniless and alone.


Summary: unkindness in Brief

The term 'unkindness' [ʌnˈkaɪndnəs] refers to a lack of sympathy or kindness, often resulting in harshness. It can also refer to an unkind act or remark. Examples include 'Her unkindness towards her colleagues made her very unpopular.' and 'I was hurt by his unkindness.' Phrases like 'unkindness to animals' and 'unkindness of fate' further illustrate the concept.