unlike Definition

  • 1different from; not typical of
  • 2not having the same characteristics or qualities as someone or something else

Using unlike: Examples

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  • Example

    Unlike his brother, he is not interested in sports.

  • Example

    The two paintings are unlike each other.

  • Example

    Unlike most people, she enjoys spending time alone.

  • Example

    His behavior was unlike anything I had seen before.

unlike Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for unlike

  • different from
  • dissimilar to
  • contrary to
  • distinct from

Antonyms for unlike

  • like
  • similar to
  • same as

Phrases with unlike

  • completely different from anything else


    The landscape was unlike anything else I had ever seen.

  • unlike someone/something

    not similar to someone or something


    Her personality is unlike anyone else's I know.

  • to be different from someone in some way


    He is unlike any other politician I have ever met.


Summary: unlike in Brief

The term 'unlike' [ˌənˈlaɪk] means different from or not typical of someone or something else. It can be used as a preposition or adjective to describe dissimilarity, as in 'Unlike his brother, he is not interested in sports.' 'Unlike' can also be used to compare two things that are not similar, as in 'The two paintings are unlike each other.'

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