unmoored Definition

  • 1not fixed in place or not tied to anything
  • 2free from the ties or responsibilities that come with a particular way of life

Using unmoored: Examples

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    The boat was unmoored and drifted out to sea.

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    After quitting her job, she felt unmoored and uncertain about her future.

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    The novel explores the experience of being unmoored from one's cultural identity.

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Summary: unmoored in Brief

The term 'unmoored' [ˌʌnˈmɔːrd] describes something that is not fixed in place or tied to anything, or someone who is free from the ties or responsibilities of a particular way of life. Examples include a boat that has been unmoored and is drifting out to sea, or a person who feels unmoored and uncertain after quitting their job. The term is often used to explore the experience of being disconnected from one's cultural identity.