fixed Definition

  • 1fastened securely in position
  • 2not subject to change or fluctuation
  • 3rigged or manipulated to give a particular outcome

Using fixed: Examples

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  • Example

    The shelf is fixed to the wall.

  • Example

    The price of the product is fixed.

  • Example

    The match was fixed.

  • Example

    I have a fixed schedule for the week.

  • Example

    He has a fixed mindset and doesn't like to try new things.

fixed Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using fixed

  • to have an unchanging and often unreasonable belief or opinion about something


    She has a fixed idea about what success means and won't consider other perspectives.

  • put/set something in stone

    to make something fixed and unchangeable


    We haven't set the date yet, but once we do, it will be set in stone.

  • a fixed smile/grin

    a smile or grin that is forced or insincere


    He had a fixed grin on his face throughout the entire meeting.

Phrases with fixed

  • an obsessive or irrational belief or notion


    He has a fixed idea that he is always right.

  • tangible property owned by a company that is expected to be used for more than one year


    The company's fixed assets include land, buildings, and equipment.

  • a regular and predictable income that does not vary much over time


    Retirees often rely on fixed income from pensions and investments.


Summary: fixed in Brief

The term 'fixed' [fɪkst] refers to something that is fastened securely in position, not subject to change or fluctuation, or rigged or manipulated to give a particular outcome. It can refer to physical objects like a shelf, or abstract concepts like a schedule or mindset. Phrases like 'fixed idea' and idioms like 'put/set something in stone' denote unchanging beliefs or opinions, while 'a fixed smile/grin' implies a forced or insincere expression.