stationary Definition

  • 1not moving or not intended to be moved
  • 2having a fixed position
  • 3not changing in quantity or condition

Using stationary: Examples

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  • Example

    The car was stationary at the traffic light.

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    The sun appears stationary in the sky.

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    The company's profits have remained stationary for the past year.

stationary Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with stationary

  • a piece of exercise equipment that simulates the experience of riding a bicycle while remaining in one place


    She prefers using a stationary bike for her daily workout routine.

  • a boundary between two air masses that is not moving


    The weather forecast predicts rain due to the stationary front over the region.

  • a point on a curve where the tangent is parallel to the x-axis or y-axis, indicating that the slope of the curve is zero at that point


    The stationary point of the graph indicates the maximum value of the function.

Origins of stationary

from Latin 'stationarius', meaning 'of a military station'


Summary: stationary in Brief

The term 'stationary' [ˈsteɪʃənəri] refers to something that is not moving or not intended to be moved, having a fixed position, or not changing in quantity or condition. It is used in contexts such as traffic, astronomy, and economics, exemplified by 'The car was stationary at the traffic light.' 'Stationary' extends into phrases like 'stationary bike,' denoting exercise equipment, and 'stationary front,' referring to a meteorological phenomenon.