immobile Definition

  • 1not able to move or be moved
  • 2not moving or not intended to be moved

Using immobile: Examples

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  • Example

    The patient was immobile due to a spinal injury.

  • Example

    The statue stood immobile in the park.

  • Example

    The car was parked in an immobile position.

  • Example

    The ship remained immobile in the harbor.

immobile Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for immobile

Phrases with immobile

  • property that cannot be moved, such as land or buildings


    The company invested in immobile property for long-term growth.

  • a facial expression that does not change or show emotion


    He maintained an immobile face throughout the entire interview.

  • an army that is not able to move or advance due to various reasons such as lack of supplies or unfavorable terrain


    The troops were forced to become an immobile army due to harsh weather conditions.

Origins of immobile

from Latin 'im-' meaning 'not' + 'mobili-', the stem of 'mobilis' meaning 'movable'


Summary: immobile in Brief

'Immobile' [ɪˈməʊbaɪl] describes something that is unable to move or be moved, or something that is not intended to be moved. It can refer to physical objects like 'The statue stood immobile in the park,' or people like 'The patient was immobile due to a spinal injury.' 'Immobile' also extends to phrases like 'immobile property,' and informal synonyms like 'stuck' or 'frozen.'