unobserved Definition

  • 1not seen or noticed
  • 2not monitored or recorded

Using unobserved: Examples

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  • Example

    The thief entered the house unobserved.

  • Example

    The changes in the environment went unobserved for years.

  • Example

    The experiment was conducted in an unobserved setting.

  • Example

    The bird flew away unobserved.

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Summary: unobserved in Brief

The term 'unobserved' [ˌʌnəbˈzɜːvd] refers to something that is not seen, noticed, monitored, or recorded. It can be used to describe situations where someone or something goes unnoticed, such as 'The thief entered the house unobserved,' or when something is not monitored or recorded, like 'The experiment was conducted in an unobserved setting.'