unseen Definition

  • 1not seen or noticed
  • 2not previously seen or known

Using unseen: Examples

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  • Example

    The danger of the unseen enemy is always greater.

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    The film contains previously unseen footage of the band's early days.

  • Example

    She walked past me, unseen in the darkness.

  • Example

    The impact of the pandemic on mental health is an unseen consequence.

unseen Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with unseen

  • an influence or force that is not apparent or visible


    Many believe that there is an unseen hand behind the political unrest.

  • a realm or dimension that is beyond the physical world and cannot be perceived by the senses


    Some people claim to have had experiences with the unseen world, such as ghosts or spirits.

  • forces or factors that are not immediately apparent or visible but have a significant impact on a situation


    The success of the company was due to a combination of hard work and unseen forces like luck and timing.


Summary: unseen in Brief

The adjective 'unseen' [ˌʌnˈsiːn] means not seen or noticed, or not previously seen or known. It can refer to physical objects or abstract concepts, such as the unseen enemy or unseen consequences. The phrase 'unseen hand' refers to an invisible influence or force, while 'unseen world' denotes a realm beyond the physical world. 'Unseen forces' are factors that are not immediately apparent but have a significant impact on a situation.

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