unromantic Definition

not having or showing any of the qualities that are associated with romance; not romantic.

Using unromantic: Examples

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    Their relationship was unromantic and practical.

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    He proposed in an unromantic way, without any flowers or candles.

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    The movie was unromantic and focused on the harsh realities of life.

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Summary: unromantic in Brief

The term 'unromantic' [ˌʌn.rəʊˈmæn.tɪk] refers to something that lacks the qualities associated with romance. It is often used to describe relationships, proposals, or movies that focus on practicality and harsh realities rather than sentimentality. Synonyms include 'pragmatic,' 'unsentimental,' and 'matter-of-fact,' while antonyms include 'romantic,' 'sentimental,' and 'loving.'