unsanctioned Definition

  • 1not officially approved or authorized
  • 2not conforming to or permitted by official rules or regulations

Using unsanctioned: Examples

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    The unsanctioned protest resulted in several arrests.

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    He was suspended for participating in an unsanctioned event.

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    The company fired the employee for engaging in unsanctioned activities during work hours.

unsanctioned Synonyms and Antonyms

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Summary: unsanctioned in Brief

The term 'unsanctioned' [ˌʌnˈsæŋkʃənd] refers to actions or events that are not officially approved or authorized, and do not conform to official rules or regulations. It is often used to describe protests, events, or activities that are not permitted by authorities, as in 'The unsanctioned protest resulted in several arrests.' 'Unsanctioned' is a formal term that can be replaced by 'unauthorized' or 'unapproved' in more informal contexts.