unsteadiness Definition

the quality or state of being unsteady; lack of stability or firmness.

Using unsteadiness: Examples

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    The unsteadiness of the ladder made me nervous.

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    Her unsteadiness on the ice was apparent to everyone.

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    The unsteadiness of the economy is causing concern among investors.

unsteadiness Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with unsteadiness

  • a condition where a person has difficulty walking steadily or maintaining balance


    The doctor diagnosed him with unsteadiness of gait and recommended physical therapy.

  • emotional unsteadiness

    a state of emotional instability or volatility


    Her emotional unsteadiness was evident in her erratic behavior and mood swings.

  • a state of financial instability or insecurity


    The company's financial unsteadiness led to layoffs and budget cuts.


Summary: unsteadiness in Brief

Unsteadiness [ʌnˈstɛdɪnəs] refers to a lack of stability or firmness. It can manifest as physical unsteadiness, such as difficulty walking or maintaining balance, or as emotional or financial instability. Synonyms include instability, shakiness, and insecurity.