untamed Definition

  • 1not domesticated or otherwise controlled
  • 2wild and free; not tamed

Using untamed: Examples

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  • Example

    The untamed wilderness of the Amazon rainforest is awe-inspiring.

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    The untamed horse galloped across the open field.

  • Example

    She had an untamed spirit that refused to be broken.

untamed Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with untamed

  • natural beauty that has not been altered or manipulated by humans


    The untamed beauty of the Grand Canyon is breathtaking.

  • an area of land that is still in its natural state, without any human intervention or development


    The untamed wilderness of Alaska is home to many unique species of wildlife.

  • an intense and uncontrolled energy or enthusiasm


    The band's performance was full of untamed energy and passion.


Summary: untamed in Brief

The term 'untamed' [ʌnˈteɪmd] refers to something that is wild and free, not domesticated or controlled. It can describe anything from a natural landscape to a person's spirit or energy. Examples include 'The untamed wilderness of the Amazon rainforest' and 'She had an untamed spirit that refused to be broken.' Phrases like 'untamed beauty' and 'untamed energy' further illustrate this concept.