untangle Definition

to separate things that have become twisted together, or to make something easier to understand.

Using untangle: Examples

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    She tried to untangle the knots in her hair.

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    The detective worked hard to untangle the web of lies.

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    I need to untangle my thoughts before I can make a decision.

untangle Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with untangle

  • to free oneself from a difficult or complicated situation


    He had to untangle himself from the legal problems he was facing.

  • to sort out a complicated or confusing situation


    It took hours to untangle the mess of wires behind the TV.

  • to find out what really happened in a complicated situation


    The journalist spent months trying to untangle the truth about the corruption scandal.


Summary: untangle in Brief

The verb 'untangle' [ʌnˈtæŋɡl] means to separate twisted things or to clarify something. It has a wide range of applications, from physical objects like hair knots to abstract concepts like complicated situations. The phrase 'untangle oneself from something' refers to freeing oneself from a difficult situation, while 'untangle the mess' and 'untangle the truth' refer to sorting out complicated situations.