upwind Definition

in the direction that the wind is blowing; facing the wind.

Using upwind: Examples

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    The boat sailed upwind.

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    The smoke from the fire was blowing upwind.

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    We need to walk upwind to avoid the smell.

upwind Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with upwind

  • the part of a racecourse that is sailed against the wind


    The sailors struggled on the upwind leg of the race.

  • a turn made by an aircraft or vehicle towards the direction from which the wind is blowing


    The pilot made an upwind turn to avoid the storm.

  • the side of something that is facing the wind


    The upwind side of the building was getting battered by the storm.


Summary: upwind in Brief

'Upwind' [ˈʌp.wɪnd] refers to the direction that the wind is blowing, often used in sailing and aviation contexts. It is the opposite of 'downwind' and 'leeward.' Phrases like 'upwind leg' and 'upwind turn' are specific to these contexts.