urban Definition

  • 1relating to or characteristic of a city or town
  • 2living in a city or town

Using urban: Examples

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    The urban population is increasing rapidly.

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    Urban development has caused many environmental problems.

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    She loves the urban lifestyle.

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    The city's urban landscape is constantly changing.

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Idioms Using urban

  • a large, crowded city that is often seen as dangerous or unpleasant


    Living in the urban jungle can be stressful and overwhelming.

  • a widely held belief or story that is not based on fact


    The urban myth that Walt Disney was cryogenically frozen after his death has been debunked.

  • the uncontrolled expansion of urban areas into surrounding rural areas


    Urban sprawl has led to the destruction of many natural habitats.

Phrases with urban

  • a geographical area that is densely populated and developed


    The urban area of New York City is home to over 8 million people.

  • the process of improving and updating the physical, social, and economic aspects of a city or town


    The city council approved a plan for urban renewal in the downtown area.

  • a story or piece of information that is widely circulated as true but is actually false


    The urban legend about alligators living in the sewers of New York City has been debunked.

Origins of urban

from Latin 'urbanus', meaning 'of the city'


Summary: urban in Brief

The term 'urban' [ur-buhn] refers to anything related to a city or town, including its characteristics, population, and lifestyle. It is often used in phrases like 'urban area,' which denotes a densely populated and developed region, and 'urban renewal,' which refers to the process of improving a city's physical, social, and economic aspects. Idioms like 'urban jungle' and 'urban myth' describe the negative aspects of city life, while 'urban sprawl' refers to the uncontrolled expansion of urban areas into surrounding rural areas.

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