validation Definition

  • 1the action of checking or proving the accuracy or soundness of something
  • 2the process of making something officially or legally acceptable

Using validation: Examples

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    The validation of the experiment's results took several months.

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    The bank requires validation of your identity before opening an account.

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    The validation of the contract was delayed due to legal issues.

validation Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for validation

Phrases with validation

  • self-validation

    the act of recognizing and accepting one's own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as valid and worthwhile


    She practiced self-validation by acknowledging her emotions and not dismissing them.

  • a process in which a business or organization provides customers with a stamp or ticket that allows them to park for free or at a reduced rate


    The restaurant offers parking validation for up to two hours.

  • the process of ensuring that data entered into a computer system is accurate and meets certain criteria


    The software includes data validation features to prevent errors and inconsistencies.


Summary: validation in Brief

Validation [ˌvælɪˈdeɪʃən] refers to the act of checking or proving the accuracy or soundness of something, or making something officially or legally acceptable. Examples include validating experimental results, validating identity for banking purposes, and validating contracts. Validation can also refer to self-validation, recognizing one's own thoughts and feelings as valid, and parking validation, providing customers with free or reduced-rate parking. Data validation ensures accuracy and consistency in computer systems.

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