vanished Definition

  • 1disappear suddenly and completely
  • 2no longer in existence; lost or forgotten

Using vanished: Examples

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  • Example

    The plane vanished from the radar.

  • Example

    The ancient civilization vanished without a trace.

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    All my savings have vanished.

  • Example

    Her hopes of winning the competition vanished when she fell during her performance.

vanished Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for vanished

Phrases with vanished

  • to disappear suddenly and completely, leaving no trace behind


    The thief vanished into thin air before the police arrived.

  • the point at which parallel lines appear to converge in the distance, often used metaphorically to refer to a point beyond which things become impossible or unimaginable


    The company's profits were declining rapidly, and bankruptcy seemed to be the vanishing point.

  • a cosmetic cream that is designed to make blemishes or imperfections on the skin disappear temporarily


    She applied some vanishing cream to her face before going out.


Summary: vanished in Brief

The adjective 'vanished' [ˈvænɪʃt] describes something that has disappeared suddenly and completely, with no trace left behind. It can also refer to something that is no longer in existence, lost, or forgotten. Examples include 'The plane vanished from the radar,' and 'All my savings have vanished.' The phrase 'vanish into thin air' means to disappear suddenly and completely, while 'vanishing point' refers to a point beyond which things become impossible or unimaginable.

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