appear Definition

  • 1to come into sight or become visible
  • 2to give the impression of being or doing something

Using appear: Examples

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  • Example

    The sun appeared from behind the clouds.

  • Example

    He appeared at the door, looking tired and disheveled.

  • Example

    The magician made a rabbit appear out of nowhere.

  • Example

    She appears to be happy, but I can tell she's really upset.

  • Example

    The company appears to be doing well financially.

appear Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with appear

  • to suddenly appear in a place without any explanation


    The thief appeared out of thin air and stole my purse.

  • to present oneself in front of someone, especially in a formal setting


    The defendant will appear before the judge tomorrow.

  • appear in court

    to attend a legal proceeding as a defendant, witness, or other party


    The victim will have to appear in court to testify against the accused.

Origins of appear

from Old French 'aparoir', from Latin 'apparere', meaning 'to be visible'


Summary: appear in Brief

'Appear' [əˈpɪə] means to become visible or give the impression of being or doing something. It is often used to describe physical visibility, as in 'The sun appeared from behind the clouds,' or to describe impressions, as in 'She appears to be happy, but I can tell she's really upset.' 'Appear' can also be used in phrases like 'appear out of thin air' to describe sudden appearances, or 'appear in court' to describe attending a legal proceeding.

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