variability Definition

the quality or state of being variable; the degree to which something is subject to change or variation.

Using variability: Examples

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    The variability in weather patterns makes it difficult to predict future climate trends.

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    The stock market is known for its high degree of variability.

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    The variability of test scores suggests that the exam was not well-designed.

variability Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with variability

  • the range of genetic differences within a population or species


    Genetic variability is essential for evolution and adaptation to changing environments.

  • inter-individual variability

    differences between individuals in a population or sample


    Inter-individual variability in response to medication can complicate treatment decisions.

  • intra-individual variability

    variability within an individual over time


    Intra-individual variability in cognitive performance may be an early indicator of neurological decline.


Summary: variability in Brief

Variability [ˌvɛərɪəˈbɪlɪti] refers to the degree to which something is subject to change or variation. It can describe fluctuations in weather patterns, stock market trends, or test scores. Variability can also refer to genetic differences within a population, inter-individual differences, or intra-individual changes over time.