vegetable Definition

a plant or part of a plant used as food, typically as accompaniment to meat or fish, such as a cabbage, potato, carrot, or bean.

Using vegetable: Examples

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    I usually have some vegetables with my dinner.

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    She made a vegetable soup for lunch.

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    Carrots and peas are common vegetables.

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    He doesn't like eating vegetables.

vegetable Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for vegetable

Phrases with vegetable

  • a vegetable that grows underground and is eaten as food, such as a potato, carrot, or onion


    She roasted some root vegetables for dinner.

  • leafy vegetable

    a vegetable with edible leaves, such as spinach, lettuce, or kale


    She made a salad with leafy vegetables and tomatoes.

  • a vegetable that contains a high amount of starch, such as potatoes, corn, or peas


    He prefers starchy vegetables like potatoes and sweet corn.


Summary: vegetable in Brief

The term 'vegetable' [ˈvɛdʒtəbl] refers to a plant or part of a plant used as food, often served with meat or fish. Examples include cabbage, potato, carrot, and beans. Vegetables can be categorized into root, leafy, and starchy types, such as potatoes, spinach, and corn. 'Vegetable' is a formal term for 'produce,' and informally referred to as 'veggies' or 'greens.'

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