version Definition

a particular form of something that is slightly different from other forms of the same thing.

Using version: Examples

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    This is the latest version of the software.

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    I prefer the acoustic version of this song.

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    The director's cut is a different version of the movie.

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    Can you give me a version of events that makes sense?

version Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using version

  • to interpret or present something in a way that is unique or personal to oneself


    She put her own spin on the classic fairy tale, giving it a modern twist.

  • to provide someone with the most up-to-date information or news


    Can you give me the latest version on the project's status?

  • a person's interpretation or perception of the world around them


    His version of reality was very different from hers, leading to a lot of misunderstandings.

Phrases with version

  • the management of changes to documents, computer programs, and other collections of information


    Version control is important for software development teams to keep track of changes made to the code.

  • a unique identifier assigned to a specific release of a software product


    The latest version number of the software is 3.2.1.

  • an early version of a software product that is released to the public for testing purposes


    The beta version of the game had a lot of bugs that needed to be fixed before the final release.

Origins of version

from Old French 'versiun', meaning 'a turn, a way of turning'


Summary: version in Brief

The term 'version' [ˈvəːʃ(ə)n] refers to a particular form of something that differs slightly from other forms of the same thing. It can refer to software, music, movies, or even events. Examples include 'This is the latest version of the software,' and 'Can you give me a version of events that makes sense?' Phrases like 'version control' and 'beta version' are common in software development, while idioms like 'put your own spin on something' and 'give someone the latest version' are used in everyday conversation.

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