via Definition

by way of; through a place or medium.

Using via: Examples

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    I'll send you the document via email.

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    We'll travel to Paris via train.

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    The message was conveyed via text.

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    The news spread quickly via social media.

via Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for via

Phrases with via

  • a middle way or compromise between two extreme positions


    The politician sought a via media between the opposing parties.

  • via dolorosa

    a route in Jerusalem held to be the path that Jesus walked to his crucifixion


    Many Christians visit the Via Dolorosa during Holy Week.

  • via negativa

    a method of describing God by negation, emphasizing what God is not rather than what God is


    Theologians often use the via negativa to describe God's attributes.

Origins of via

from Latin 'via', meaning 'way'


Summary: via in Brief

'Via' [ˈvaɪə] is a preposition used to indicate the means by which something is done or communicated. It can refer to physical transportation, as in 'We'll travel to Paris via train,' or electronic communication, as in 'I'll send you the document via email.' 'Via' also appears in phrases like 'via media,' meaning a middle way or compromise, and 'via negativa,' a theological method of describing God by negation.

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