violate Definition

  • 1break or fail to comply with (a rule or formal agreement)
  • 2fail to respect (someone's peace, privacy, or rights)
  • 3rape or sexually assault (someone)

Using violate: Examples

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  • Example

    The company was found to have violated environmental regulations.

  • Example

    He was arrested for violating his parole.

  • Example

    The paparazzi violated the celebrity's privacy by taking photos of her in her home.

  • Example

    The attacker was charged with violating the victim.

violate Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for violate

Phrases with violate

  • violate someone's rights

    to infringe upon or disregard someone's legal or moral entitlements


    The government was accused of violating the citizens' rights to free speech.

  • to break or fail to comply with a legal statute or regulation


    The driver was pulled over for violating the speed limit.

  • violate a ceasefire

    to break or fail to comply with an agreement to stop fighting in a conflict


    The rebel group violated the ceasefire by launching an attack on government forces.

Origins of violate

from Latin 'violare', meaning 'to treat with violence'


Summary: violate in Brief

The verb 'violate' [ˈvaɪəleɪt] means to break or fail to comply with a rule or agreement, fail to respect someone's peace, privacy, or rights, or rape or sexually assault someone. It is often used in legal and moral contexts, such as 'The company was found to have violated environmental regulations.' 'Violate' can also be used in phrases like 'violate someone's rights' and 'violate a law.'

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